Afriso Cloud

Connect & Capture

Afriso Cloud Connect is a small box where 1-4 sensors/detectors/switches, or equivalent, can be connected (regardless of manufacturer) as long as it communicates via 4-20mA, 0-10V or by dry contact. The box connects to 24V and then communicates all sensor data via the mobile network on to our Afriso Cloud.

Store & Process

All data forwarded from Afriso Cloud Connect is stored and processed in our cloud service Afriso Cloud.

Present & Manage

Using a device connected to the Internet such as a computer, tablet or phone, all data can now be accessed through our user interface and be presented in the form of raw values, graphs and trends. Here you can also set various types of alarms that can be sent via text message or email when predetermined levels have been reached. Privileges are controlled through software, to ensure that person X can only view its own tank, while person Y can see all and so on.